Please call the store and we will let you know availability. We will make every effort to accomodate your group.

Generally only peak times! Friday-Sunday night for sure. Sometimes Saturday and Sunday days. Other busy restaurant days (night before Thanksgiving, Valentines, day after Christmas, some major sporting events etc)

This is the problem we are trying to solve. In the past, most people have overbooked and that is the crux of the problem. During peak times, we need a solid number. If you are unsure and don’t want to pay a penalty, estimate on the lower side. If more come, we will do our best to squeeze everyone in!

Again, these create a lot of issues. Generally they go too long and people overbook the amount. This is what we are looking to avoid. We may be able handle something during an extremely slow time.

Smaller ones (around 10) are generally okay. The bigger ones have caused lots of issues. We do not have room for the games and all the presents. We also have had issues with people bringing in outside food and drinks.

No we do not have a seperate party room. We set up reservations and utilize long tables. However, we do not have a room.

If there is no reservation backed up to your party and we do not need the tables, we have no problem with you staying! However, if we have committed to another reservation, we will try our best to accomadate you (we may have to move you) If there is no space available, we might have to tell you we have no room. This is why we try and get it straightened out when taking the reservation!

Some decorations are ok, however it is critical to remember, that the decorations will probably get in the way of the food/drink. And we do not have extra tables for foods/cakes and etc. So please do not bring a lot of decorations! Balloons are okay as long as they are not blocking TV’s. Please no messy decorations.